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# Posted: 24 Jan 2017 16:13 - Edited by: Shalini
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Hi guys!

I have an Unlimited Class Membership at Platinum Yoga. Payment for the classes are $127.51 (as many sessions as you please!) per month, until September 2017. After September 2017, sessions are free until March 2018. So you get an extra 6 months free!

(I make the payments monthly, so if I transfer the membership to you, you can choose to continue paying the studio monthly, or a bulk sum of the membership fees. Nothing goes to me).

This membership is valid for yoga sessions at Platinum Yoga's SUNTEC CITY branch. They also have locations in Marine Parade/Westgate (I am willing to split the cost of tranfer location fees with you if you'd like).

I'm transferring the membership because it is not close to my workplace, so quite a waste that I am not going very regularly.

Please let me know if you are keen!

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