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# Posted: 24 Jul 2017 08:41 - Edited by: Adeline12345
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Hi Yoga enthusiasts,

Platinum yoga offers many types of yoga including Aerial yoga, which is one of the more highly sought after classes. In addition, they have many classes in a week to cater for beginners as well as advanced learners.

Package is

1. Brand new (you can choose when to activate it!)

2. 12 + free 3 months (total of 15 months)

3. Unlimited sessions

4. to be utilise at 1 branch (There are 3 branches to choose from: Westgate, Suntec, Marine Parade Central. You just need to specify which branch you are going to utilise the unlimited sessions. You can top up the difference if you want to convert to multi-branch usage)

5. Free Yoga mat (from platinum yoga given during sign-up - worth more than $50)

6. No membership transfer fees

Selling package at $1700 nett (paid $1913.16 for the package) - cash or fund transfer before proceeding with the transfer of package paper work.

Up for negotiation

Contact me @ 97920591 if you are keen

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