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# Posted: 19 Sep 2017 18:57
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Each type of yoga provides a number of unique advantages and poses. Be it physical or mental, challenges at present are able to be overcome by means of the basic practice of yoga.

However, In my opinion, I wouldn't choose to join a professional yoga center and the reason is quite obvious too. Purchasing top yoga DVD's online is a convenient option to a great degree. Such is possibly one of the effective choices out there as far as affordability and sustainability is taken into account. Other benefits comprise premium categories to select from, being designed to fulfill the particular requirements of majority of the people.

I'd truly appreciate if you could kindly please share your thoughts.

Yogi Brajesh

# Posted: 10 May 2017 14:25
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Avatar Yoga School's Classical Hatha Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program is perfectly suited for yoga practitioners of all levels who want deepen their understanding and experience of hatha yoga, and pursue yoga as a profession.

Karan Jakson

# Posted: 26 Jul 2016 20:48 - Edited by: Karan Jakson
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Rishikul Yogshala offering 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India certified by Yoga Alliance USA. Book your seat now!
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# Posted: 17 Aug 2015 17:31
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I was one of the beginners when i don't know anything about yoga at first. I have joined the yoga classes. It's been a tremendous change by then that i have found because of yoga. Yoga not only help me to be in active state but also helps to strengthen the body and to be flexible and also it helps to control my breathing and to attain the peace of mind.

I have found a good article for the beginners who might have interest for those who wants to know how to start yoga

tom johnson

# Posted: 28 Jan 2015 14:37
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#tips for Beginner

>>Take a deep breath out- using your breath, body and the mind
>>Set the tone right before you start
>> Simple wearing, high thinking

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# Posted: 22 Jan 2015 12:36
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Apoorva Yoga Academy is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher training institute in rishikesh, India.
Yoga Teacher Training India

Aotea Yoga

# Posted: 5 Jan 2015 17:30
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Tips for Yoga Beginners:

- Focus on your breath
- Wear loose comfortable clothes.
- Make your yoga practice frequent.


# Posted: 17 Nov 2014 18:57
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People who start yoga for the first time must do it very carefully and they should not do difficult postures and should go step by step.

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# Posted: 17 Nov 2014 12:59
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you can create account in skills sharing website, like bigwisdoms free of charge, you can find yoga tutors that suits you . good luck


# Posted: 1 Jul 2013 00:40
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SMS/Call 84022253 for FREE True Yoga sessions she can also arrange
for True Fitness/Bikram Pacific Plaza. Just tell her you got her contact in this forum. Hope this helps those who don't know where to begin with the practice.


# Posted: 20 May 2013 17:18
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Yoga for beginners Tips:
• Don't Worry About Being Perfect
• Don't Force It
• Connect to the Pose
• Go On a Retreat
• Be Open
• Go to bed on time.
• The Sticky Mat
• Understand the Names
• Take breathing breaks.
• Quiet the critics.

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# Posted: 1 Mar 2013 17:52 - Edited by: Martin41
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I am also a yoga beginner and want expert in yoga. Mindmaze can you train me and my grand parents in yoga at home. My grand parents can't go outside for exercise we want to train them in yoga for their better health.
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# Posted: 2 Feb 2013 19:53
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Great tips, thanks for sharing. I agree with you about learning yoga under guidance. Many beginners thinks that they can self teach through books and videos, but I think they are wrong.


# Posted: 1 Feb 2013 16:31
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10 tips to get started with yoga!
1. Learn yoga under guidance
2. Consult a doctor and inform the yoga teacher
3. Keep the yoga wear simple
4. Practice yoga on a light stomach
5. Smile throughout the yoga practice
6. Be steady and comfortable in the yoga posture
7. Your yoga posture is unique just like you
8. Are you consolidating the energy produced?
9. Drink up
10. Be regular with your yoga practice and have patience

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Martin Mathus

# Posted: 25 Aug 2012 18:44
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viniyoga, kripalu yoga or iyengar yoga are best yoga for beginners.

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